March 21, 2023

Learn to Dance Bachata in Virtual Reality

Have you ever seen Bachata dancers on the dance floor and thought: “That could be me?” But then you get anxious about it and decide that maybe the next song. Or, you know, maybe after this drink to give you courage. Today was not it, but maybe next week. Well, that didn’t work out, but next month for sure! Ok, ok, that will be your next year’s resolution.

If you ever regretted pushing back your Bachata lessons, you’re in luck. We are using Virtual Reality to bring the dance studio to you!

Bachata Choreography in VR

Bachata Lessons are coming!

We’re working on the motion capture, lesson plans and all sorts of other complicated details to bring you non-complicated lessons directly to your VR headset. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest news of our progress! Or download our already available Salsa Lessons in VR to learn the sister dance of Bachata!